The Digital Assistant for EventMeasure

Project Mission

Reduce the cost and manual labour required to monitor our sensitive maritime ecosystem through data science

A.I. Based Digital Assistant

The AFID Digital assistant is being developed for EventMeasure

Single Click Length Measurement

Watch how AFID can be used to reduce four slow careful clicks to measure length in Stereo-BRUVS to a single click.

How does it work?  The user simply selects either the left or right image, clicks on the fish they want to measure, and then presses the AFID shortcut button.

Interested in accessing AFID for your work? see Pricing for details.

Watch AFID in action on YouTube

AFID uses Machine Learning to suggest species right inside EventMeasure

AFID autonomously detects the head and tail of fish and uses EventMeasure's calibration methods to accurately measure the length of the fish.

Automated Fish Length Measurements

Automated Species Classification

Relative Species Abundance

Finding MaxN frames, running MaxN and average MaxN

Import Custom Models

Train your own model

Expose the model to EventMeasure though AFID Integration


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If you have data to contribute to public datasets, time to contribute to machine learning algorithms, or would like to be part of our stakeholder group, please contact Dan Marrable to get more information about the project


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